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Melissa Arlena

Hello!  I’m Melissa Arlena and I’m a dog person.  I like cats too but my heart belongs to dogs.  There is just something about that wagging tail, soft ears and wet kisses that I can’t live without.  My girl Maxie was my first furry child, she spent almost 11 years by my side.  She was there through joy and laughter and gave me a shoulder to cry on in times of heartbreak.  She watched me mature from a young twenty something to a wife and a mother.  When it was time to let her go I was and still am heartbroken.  I am so thankful for the photos I have and the memories behind those photos.  Maxie was the inspiration to finally push myself to branch out into photographing pets more.

I have two loves when it comes to photography, weddings and pets!  I love to spend my weekdays photographing furry babies and my weekends photographing couples in love.  When the two combine I’m even happier!  I love that my couples who don’t have dogs before their wedding seem to become dog parents soon after.  I guess I just attract other dog people!

Our brood consists of an 8 year old yellow lab named Sadie Mae and a new golden retriever puppy named Sammy J!  Plus our cat who thinks she is a dog Chloe ;).  When I’m not off at a wedding we spend our weekends on our sailboat.  Maxie and Sadie loved being on the boat so we are excited to introduce Sammy to it this year.  Before I had our son, Will last year all my photos were of our dogs and now they are of Will and the dogs.  I love looking around our house and seeing all the beautiful photos of my four legged children.

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PHONE: 540-307-0233

Located in Fredericksburg, Virginia but I frequently travel to Alexandria, Richmond, Charlottesville, Northern Virginia and Southern Virginia.
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Melissa Arlena is a Virginia pet photographer.  She photographs dogs and cats all over Virginia, DC and Maryland.  She and her husband love to sail and you will frequently find them out on the water with their dogs in tow!  Sadie is their 8 year old yellow lab and Sammy is the newest addition, a golden retriever puppy.  To book her for your pet portraits, please contact her today!