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Sam : Puppy Photos

We have always been a two dog household so when we lost Maxie the house just felt empty.  It wasn’t like she was super active at her age but she had a presence that filled the house.  She was always underfoot, she preferred to lay where everyone else was so she could be part of the party!  We always knew that when she passed we would get another dog, it was never a question.  Had the circumstances worked out we would have gotten a new puppy before she passed so she could teach him.  Instead she taught her sister Sadie over the years and it is Sadie’s job to teach the puppy how to be a good dog.  We decided not to wait and picked up a new puppy on New Years.  His name is Sam!  It is a tradition in our family to name our dogs after dogs from our past, we know it isn’t the same dog but it is just our thing.  Maxie was named after my childhood German Shepard mix Max, Sadie was named after a Great Dane David’s parents had and Sam is named after the Golden Retriever Sam that my grandparents had when I was a kid.  His official name is Sam but he is frequently called Sammy J.  See it matches with Sadie Mae ;).  We are weird, I know!

Sam is a 3 month old Golden Retriever puppy!  He is a bundle of TROUBLE!!!  We picked him because he was spunky and has huge paws!!  We both love big dogs.  He is about two weeks younger then Will so I’m excited to watch them grow up together.  He views Will as more of a large chew toy at the moment but I know they will soon be best buds!  Sammy loves his big sister Sadie and she has been so good with him, correcting him in a gentle motherly manner.


Melissa Arlena is a Virginia pet photographer.  She photographs dogs and cats all over Virginia, DC and Maryland.  She and her husband love to sail and you will frequently find them out on the water with their dogs in tow!  Sadie is their 8 year old yellow lab and Sammy is the newest addition, a golden retriever puppy.  To book her for your pet portraits, please contact her today!  
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