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Fredericksburg Pet Expo

Last weekend I was so excited to have a booth at the Fredericksburg Pet Expo at the Fredericksburg Expo Center in Central Park!  I remember taking Maxie to one when she was just a puppy in Dulles and there were TONS of vendors and booths.  It was kind of overwhelming so I was happy to find a smaller venue right in my own backyard.  It was also a great chance to connect with some local pet vendors I’ve been wanting to reach out to.  Keep an eye on the blog over the next couple months as I interview them and you can learn more about their businesses and what they can do for your pets!  David and I had a couple vendors we wanted to chat with in regards to our pups, the first being Pup N Iron to talk about training for Sammy and then Fredericksburg Natural Pet to get some advice on what we are feeding them.  They were both so easy to chat with and full of good tips and info on how they could help us!

I was really excited to show off some photos of some adorable pets in my booth and hopefully give out some good information myself.  Just like my wedding photography I like my images to be light, bright and natural.  So you won’t find studio setups with perfectly posed dogs on a pile of pillows, instead you’ll see an adorable puppy hanging out on it’s owners bed lit by a nearby window.  You’ll also see a pup being snuggled by the humans that love him with his tongue hanging out perfectly relaxed.  Those are the images I love the happy relaxed pets that you just want to snuggle!

I was thrilled with my booth setup because I was able to show off some great products and how they can look in your home.  I had a wall display of canvas gallery wraps and then beautiful prints that were framed and matted sitting around along with some small albums.  There were two other photographers at the show and I was happy to see them there, it’s great that more people are getting photos done of their pets!  The beauty of having three of us there too was that we all do things a little differently so you could see which style really spoke to you!

So check out my booth and hopefully you’ll be inspired to book a pet session so you too can have gorgeous images of your furry friend hanging in your home!

Melissa Arlena is a Virginia pet photographer.  She photographs dogs and cats all over Virginia, DC and Maryland.  She and her husband love to sail and you will frequently find them out on the water with their dogs in tow!  Sadie is their 8 year old yellow lab and Sammy is the newest addition, a golden retriever puppy.  To book her for your pet portraits, please contact her today!  
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